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Supernatural: 10 Hidden Details About Lucifer Everyone Missed

Supernatural’s Lucifer is one of the shows better villains. Let’s take a look at some hidden details about him that might have escaped notice.

The CW's Supernatural has gone from vampires and Bloody Mary to angels, demons, Satan, and now God himself.

Lucifer joined the show from season 5 onwards as one of the chief antagonists. Over the years, the show has given its audiences many conniving characters but Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) quickly became a fan favorite as one of the most entertaining villains, aside perhaps from Crowley.

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Let us take a look at some hidden details about this character that might have escaped notice.

10 Lucifer Means "Light-Bringer"

The Devil has been known by many names, such as Satan, Mephistopheles, Antichrist, etc.

However, the name Lucifer itself roughly translates to "light-bringer, the morning star," referring to the morning appearances of the planet Venus, or the "shining one."

9 Lucifer Has Possessed The Maximum Number Of Vessels

The Devil has zapped in and out of the most number of vessels for any angel, demon, or archangel on the show, although he settled for Nick in the long run.

It was revealed early on in the series, that Sam was always meant to be Lucifer's true vessel on Earth. However, since Sam refused to let Lucifer in, the Devil had to possess Nick, a backup vessel that had been prepared for him sometime back. Apart from Nick, however, he has been shown to possess others like a Keith Richards look-alike musician, an archbishop, Castiel, Sam himself for a brief while, and even the President of the United States, among others!

8 Two of Lucifer's Vessels Overpowered Him

While it might seem odd that Satan could be overtaken, especially when he is possessing a lesser being, Supernatural has thrived on overcoming the odd, the scary, and even the Apocalyptic like a boss, for years now.

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Two of Lucifer's vessels actually managed to overpower him. One of them was a human-Sam himself fought back when the Devil possessed him before he jumped into the hole in the ground at Stull Cemetery in the season 5 finale, and Castiel too managed to fight him briefly when he saved Dean from being killed by Lucifer.

7 Lucifer Has Possessed An Angel

Lucifer is an archangel, apart from being Satan himself, a primordial entity with unimaginable powers. One snap of his fingers and the Earth could literally just turn into dust!

He also has the rare distinction of being the only character on the show who has possessed an angel. In season 11, Lucifer was shown to possess the angel Castiel who granted him permission to take him as a vessel in order to fight the Darkness, another ancient entity wielding enormous amounts of unstable power.

6 The Sneaky Reference To Fox's Lucifer

Pellegrino's Lucifer is flamboyant, sneaky, and a bit of a drama queen. His dialogues, dripping with sass, are a major part of who he is and his entertainment quotient.

True to his style, in the episode "The Devil is in the Details," Lucifer tells Sam that he would move to L.A. and solve crimes once he had taken care of Amara--a reference to Fox's Lucifer that got picked up by Netflix in its fourth season.

5 Supernatural's Lucifer Could Be A Homage To Paradise Lost

Series creator Eric Kripke once mentioned that Pellegrino's Lucifer was more like a homage to John Milton's Paradise Lost.

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Supernatural's Lucifer, although he has done some despicable things, is not an out and out villain. Pellegrino imbues the character with charisma; his Devil understands sympathy, exhibits doubt at times, and the actor has said that his character's snarky sense of humor could be a facade for some deeper pain. In fact, in the episode "Exodus,"  in season 13, the only time the audience gets to see the two brothers--Lucifer and Gabriel-- together, Gabriel reminds Lucifer why God had banished him from Heaven in the first place, causing Lucifer to shed a tear, possibly mixed with both rage and pain, a testament to the underlying pain he probably feels and the sense of injustice he suffers at being considered evil by all of mankind and beyond.

4  Lucifer Knows His History & Pop Culture

One of the things about this cult show has been it's references to popular culture and the way the script cleverly interweaves history and pop culture into its dialogues, all the way soaked in humor.

In "Exodus," of season 13, when Lucifer is seen trying his best to convince Jack to let him join the Winchesters, ostensibly to fight against Michael, but really because he wanted Jack's powers for himself. At this time, he makes a reference to the Tudors, the Trumps, and even the Jackson Five, who, according to him, counted as the top celebrity families of the world. Clearly, the Devil has made some efforts to learn about humans even if it is to get his way. Heck, he has even had a stint as a rockstar while he was at it!

3 Lilith Was Lucifer's First Demon

Lucifer was the one that created demons after he was himself cast out of Heaven by God.

Lilith, the white-eyed demon whom Sam killed and accidentally let Lucifer out of his cage, was, in fact, the first demon Lucifer had created by twisting her soul, which is why her death was the final seal that needed to be broken to unleash him.

2 Lucifer Drives A Bus!

In season 13's, "Exodus," when the entire battalion of hunters is trying to come back from "the other world" into their own, Dean gets Lucifer to drive the bus that takes the hunters to the rift between the two worlds!

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Of course, given some of the mind-boggling stuff that the fans are used to, this is only trivial. However, in a broader sense, one might see the humor in having Satan drive a bus to get a bunch of humans to safety!

1 Lucifer Could Very Well Have Returned

Any fan of Supernatural would know that the show brings people, whether humans, angels, or demons, back from the dead all the time.

True to that style, Nick, who served as Lucifer's vessel for the most part, was shown trying to bring the Devil back from the Empty, after the latter had been killed by the archangel Michael, possessing Dean. Nick felt lost once he was free of his possession; he tried to resurrect Lucifer and was very nearly successful until Jack barged in, killed Nick and made sure Lucifer stayed dead.

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