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The 100: The Reason for Bellamy Blake’s Disappearance Revealed

The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg reveals the reason behind a main character’s disappearance in the seventh and final season premiere.

The seventh and final season of The 100 premiered Wednesday, and showrunner Jason Rothenberg addressed Bellamy Blake's disappearance and what it means for the show. Bellamy was dragged offscreen by an unseen force in the opening moments of the episode, while screaming for his sister, Octavia.

Bellamy, portrayed by actor Bob Morley, has appeared as a main character in every season of the science fiction drama series since its premiere in 2014. The Australian actor is also credited as a director of one episode of the show, "Ashes to Ashes." The 100 last aired in August of last year to the tune of 1.3 million viewers, and its seventh and final season will consist of 16 episodes, making it one of the longer seasons the show has had in recent years.

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TVLine reached out to The 100 showrunner and writer Jason Rothenberg for comment on Bellamy's disappearance, and Rothenberg said, "His disappearance is going to play a huge role this season. It's the mystery people are trying to solve. It's the thing that's going to be driving so many of our characters this season—to find him and hopefully save him." Rothenberg went on to reveal the reason behind Bellamy's absence. He said, "Bob asked to take some time off this season, and we honored that. We were able to write around it." 

Though Rothenberg is confident the writers have been able to work Bellamy's disappearance into the show, and The 100 is no stranger to killing off its characters, Rothenberg promised "we will see [Bellamy] again" before the show ends its run. Morley did ask for some time off, but apparently not the whole season. For now, Rothenberg's statement that Bellamy's disappearance is "the mystery people are trying to solve" rang true in the premiere. Bellamy's disappearance began to shape the story right away, as Hope joined Gabriel and Echo in a rescue attempt after unearthing a note that had been implanted in her arm, inscribed with the words "trust Bellamy."

Having one of the lead characters on the show assaulted and dragged away by an unknown, possibly inhuman force is certainly an inventive and suspenseful way of working Morley's request for time off into the story of The 100. It's too early to say if the absence of a beloved main character will affect the the show's final season ratings, which have been holding steady in recent years. However, it's safe to say this rescue mission will affect all the characters' storylines for some episodes to come, and who knows what else in store for The 100's final season? For now, Rothenberg sounds confident that, despite Bellamy's temporary absence, the writers have a plan to bring the series to an exciting and satisfying conclusion.

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Source: TVLine

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