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The D&D Moral Alignments Of That 70s Show Characters | ScreenRant

The characters from That 70s Show fits within these Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments almost perfectly.

That '70s Show is everyone's favorite 2000s/1970s sitcom. With eight seasons of quirky characters, family drama, and teenage romance, there is far too much to love and miss about this hilarious show. Fans likely have their favorite, and least favorite, characters, and probably know which one they relate to most.

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While it's easy to sort characters into their Hogwarts or Game of Thrones houses, this list is for all those who love playing Dungeons & Dragons. If they were to embark on a magical journey, here's what kind of character the main gang from this show would be. Here are their D&D moral alignments.

10 Jackie Burkhart - True Neutral

Jackie is a strong-willed and strong-minded character, but she's pretty neutral when it comes to good and evil and law and chaos. Jackie is a bit selfish, so she's certainly not always good, but she definitely doesn't go out of her way to harm others.

In terms of lawfulness, Jackie does what Jackie wants. She doesn't purposefully defy authority, but she doesn't much care for it, either. She's a true Neutral.

9 Kitty Forman - Neutral Good

Kitty certainly isn't the perfect goody-two-shoes, but she still represents Neutral Good because she cares about tradition and structure, and also has a heart of gold. She is devoted, but she doesn't feel totally beholden to rules.

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She values rules, and she abides by them because she thinks it's best for everyone, but fans have all seen her sway! She's also certainly good, because there isn't an ounce of evil in this mother's heart.

8 Steven Hyde - Chaotic Good

Steven is the epitome of chaotic - he doesn't care about society, government, or traditions. In fact, he purposefully acts out against them and despises these concepts.

Steven isn't evil, but he's also not exactly altruistic. He values freedom and individuality above all else, but demonstrates time and time again how caring he is. This alignment is the "rebel," which is a perfect description of Hyde.

7 Midge Pinciotti - Lawful Good

Midge falls a bit deeper into this alignment than Kitty. She certainly doesn't do much that goes against tradition and rules, which kind of makes her the stereotypical house-wife, though she does kind of break this stereotype by the end of the series.

Of course, fans aren't convinced that Midge has a malicious bone in her body. She's all about kindness and happiness, and certainly falls into the "good" alignment.

6 Donna Pinciotti - Lawful Neutral

Donna never purposefully goes against rules. She's the most responsible of the bunch, which allows her to act pretty reasonably and lawfully. However, while Donna is definitely kind, she isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

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Donna has her own goals and ambition, and she knows that she can be reliable without being the true "good." She's all about freedom and choice.

5 Red Forman - Lawful Evil

This alignment is known as the "dominator," and that already describes Red pretty well. He's lawful in the sense that he believes in rules and traditions, making him stubborn.

Of course, he's "evil," not because he's vicious, but because he doesn't care much for compassion and mercy. He's a tough cookie, and he's all about loyalty and hard work.

4 Michael Kelso - Chaotic Neutral

While Kelso and Hyde are both chaotic, they go about it very differently. Kelso doesn't fight back against rules for the sake of them being rules, but because he only really cares about himself and his desires.

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He's neutral because he isn't purposefully harmful, but he certainly has himself at the forefront of his mind at all times. He's a true Chaotic Neutral.

3 Bob Pinciotti - Lawful Good

Bob and Midge are a pretty traditional couple. Donna and Bob clash because Donna doesn't represent traditional rules, which definitely makes him a law-abiding citizen.

However, Bob is also good. Him and Midge are selfless and wholesome, and they really never do anything to harm anyone else. They're pure as can be.

2 Fez - Neutral Good

Fez is probably the most law-abiding out of the boys, but he is definitely willing to stretch or bend rules when it suits him best, or when he's trying to have fun with the gang.

However, Fez also has the biggest and sweetest heart. All he cares about is his friends, and he'd do anything to help them. For them, he'd break any rule or law, which makes him Neutral Good.

1 Eric Forman - True Neutral

Eric doesn't really know who Eric is. He doesn't love laws, but he also is the most hesitant to break them. He doesn't feel as beholden as a lawful person, and fans have all seen him do some pretty reckless things.

As far as good and evil go, Eric isn't as altruistic as he believes himself to be. It might be surprising that him and Jackie are the same alignment, but they're both pretty neutral when it comes to good and evil.

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