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The Invisible Man (2020): 10 Hidden Details About Adrian Griffin’s House You Didn’t Notice

The newest version of The Invisible Man has a lot of clues and secrets hidden in plain sight, especially in Adrian’s complex mansion

2020's remake of the classic Universal horror movie The Invisible Man is a story of domestic abuse, toxic masculinity, and survival. The power of the film rests with Elisabeth Moss's highly acclaimed performance as Cecilia Kass, the girlfriend of possessive optics engineer and all around monster Adrian Griffin.

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When Cecilia finally hatches a plan to escape her oppressive relationship, Adrian retaliates by faking his death and then using his own invisibility suit to stalk her. Adrian's home, which feels like a prison for Cecilia, features prominently in the film. There are a plethora of hidden details about Adrian's home that even the sharpest fans of the new The Invisible Man may have missed - 10 of which have been listed here.

10 The Movie Was Filmed In Sydney, Australia

Despite being set in San Francisco, California, The Invisible Man was filmed in Sydney, Australia. Adrian's home is a dramatic, contemporary architectural feat. Isolated from the city, it rests atop a seaside cliff.

The production crew managed to make the movie on a $7 million budget, which seems modest considering the epic nature of the end result. The filming occurred over the summer of 2019.

9 Exterior Shots Of The House Were Filmed At The Iconic Headland House

All of the exterior shots of Adrian's home in The Invisible Man were filmed at a place well-known to Sydneysiders: Headland House. Designed by Atelier Andy Carson, Headland House is an ambitious example of modern architecture that sits atop the southern coast of Werri Beach.

Protruding pavillions rest above a stone-clad bottom floor. Angled beams secure these extensions, which come together to form a u-shape around a patio equipped with a pool and fire pit. While a gorgeous modern farmhouse, the place takes on an ominous tone in the film.

8 Some Of The Interior Shots Were Filmed At Pebble Cove Farm

Many of the interior shots in Adrian's home were filmed in Kiama at a mansion known as Pepple Cove Farm. Inside, the home feels cold and mechanical, an extension of the business all of Adrian's wealth and status resides in.

While on the exterior Headland House is an eerie domicile, its interior is full of light and open space, thanks to its large windows. This isn't compatible with the suffocating aesthetic of The Invisible Man.

7 The House Is Full Of Reflective Surfaces

One interesting feature of Adrian's house - which makes it both modern and terrifying - is its abundance of reflective surfaces. In the tense opening scene of The Invisible Man, Cecilia creeps through the home while Adrian sleeps after being drugged with Diazepam.

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Cecilia sneaks through each successive room toward her freedom, catching herself in mirrors, metallic surfaces, and matte walls.

6 All Of The Furniture Is Muted In Color

The tone of the entire film is muffled, an expression of Cecilia's circumstances. From the black aluminum siding on the exterior to the earthy tones inside, Adrian's home also fits this color scheme.

British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen, previously known for his role in Netflix's The Haunting of Hell House, is the specter who controls every aspect of Cecilia's life. The prison-like tint of his home showcases this.

5 LED Lights Add Eerie Atmospherics

Lighting is the key to creating mood in movies, especially in horror movies. To sustain the sinister technological nightmare unfolding around Cecilia, Adrian's home is full of well-placed LED lighting.

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For example, the LED light that lines Adrian's garage during the scene where Cecilia finally breaks free from the home does more than create a sharp horizontal visual field; it also highlights Adrian's attachment to the most up-to-date and advanced inventions.

4 The Cinematography Makes The Interior Feel Like A Maze

Both when Cecilia escapes at the beginning of the film and when she returns to figure out whether or not Adrian faked his own death, his house feels like an infinite, complex maze.

Adrian's labyrinthine abode corresponds to many of The Invisible Man's themes: imprisonment, captivity, and the monster hiding in the darkness. Adrian, of course, is that monster, and Cecilia is the mythological heroine trying to find a path toward freedom before she's devoured.

3 Suited Mannequins Line The Wall In Adrian's Workroom

An important bit of foreshadowing occurs at the beginning of The Invisible Man. Cecilia makes her way through Adrian's optics lab, where the audience catches glimpses of his inventions.

Along the wall behind Cecilia in the lab stand four mannequins in military tactical gear. These figurines hint at the threat to come by showcasing the technology Adrian uses to keep Cecilia under his control.

2 When Cecilia Returns, The Furniture Is Covered In Plastic

Cecilia goes back to Adrian's home in the midst of the chaos he creates for her while donning the invisibility suit. She hopes to uncover evidence to prove he's still alive.

Cecilia finds their Doberman Zeus alive and healthy. She also finds all of the furniture covered in austere, transparent plastic, making the environment even less inviting than it was before while also showing that all parts of Adrian's life are now donning their own invisibility suit.

1 The Table Is Perfectly Set When Cecilia Arrives For Dinner

The Invisible Man creates a climactic finale wherein Cecilia finally confronts Adrian, who framed his own brother for all the mayhem he instigated after she left him. When she arrives, the house is immaculate and bright.

One frightening sign of Adrian's compulsive need to manipulate his surroundings to his liking lies with the near-perfect arrangement of the dining room table. There isn't a utensil misplaced or a plate absent.

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