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The Office: The Worst Thing About Each Office Worker | ScreenRant

The characters on The Office had their charms, but they were also pretty terrible. Here’s the worst trait of each character on the series.

Over its nine seasons (some far, far better than others) we were introduced to a whole host of different faces as they wandered in and out of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin paper company. Most of the time, they were led by Michael Scott, but a few temporary managers stepped in from time to time. The main divisions we were introduced to was the sales department, the accounting team and the warehouse crew.

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They weren’t perfect, however, so we’ve listed the worst thing about each of the most important office workers over the course of the show.

11 Michael: Was The Worst Boss In The World

Michael might have been pretty awful in many ways, but deep down, he was a good man who truly cared about all of his friends. However, the thing that it’s hard to forgive is just how bad he was as a boss. All of his schemes and distractions could have gotten his employees in a lot of trouble.

In fact, sometimes his actions did directly put his employees' jobs in jeopardy: remember when his failure to fix his own managerial flaws almost led to his branch being closed down?

10 Dwight: Was Absolutely Insane

As The Office unravels more and more and Dwight basically turns into the main character, we realize with even more clarity that he is completely insane.

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Many of his actions in the show are driven by an unhealthy craving for power and a disproportionate level of anger and self-entitlement that borders on sadistic at times.

9 Jim: Was Just As Mean To Dwight As Dwight Was To Him

Jim is presented as the relatable straight-man in The Office, but in retrospect, his actions towards Dwight are just as crazy as Dwight’s actions towards him.

The endless pranks practically constitute two-way bullying, but a lot of them end up having quite dangerous real-world implications. Obviously, Jim is the one who ends up stopping things when they go too far and sometimes looks out for Dwight, but still.

8 Pam: Got Jealous Too Easily

There were quite a few times, especially during her pregnancy, that Pam got jealous of Jim talking to other people. Remember when she kept asking him if he found the new girl attractive?

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However, she also got jealous about other things, such as people talking about something she didn’t understand or people complimenting the work of others, but not her artwork.

7 Andy: Had Anger Problems

When he was first introduced, he was an annoying side-character, then he became a fan-favorite, and then when he replaced Michael as the head of Dunder Mifflin, everyone realized that he was really annoying again.

However, Andy’s biggest problem is quite an obvious one. He has an anger problem that was bad enough to require therapy.

6 Toby: Spoke Too Softly

Michael’s pure, burning hatred of Toby is one of the funniest things in The Office, and when Steve Carell departed, it left Toby without a hook: Michael was no longer there to hate him.

That’s when his weakness was made prominent. He just speaks so softly that the audience can hardly hear what he’s saying half of the time, like he’s always a little out of breath.

5 Stanley: Was Too Lazy

For obvious reasons, Stanley is a fan favorite amongst viewers of The Office. Every now and again he finds something hilarious, but his typical position is one of annoyance and indifference.

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He complained about wanting more money and a better boss, but he didn’t exactly try to be good as his job either. If he was making an effort and then complaining, then we'd get it.

4 Angela: Was Mean To Everyone

Thanks to some archaic views on certain topics and a sense of overwhelming self-righteousness, Angela ended up proving to every single person individually that she was quite mean spirited.

She cheated on Andy for a long time and then used the Senator to make Dwight jealous, while mocking the likes of Pam and Phyllis pretty much every day.

3 Meredith: Was Too Touchy (Literally)

Back when The Office was being aired, political correctness wasn’t such an overwhelming issue as it is now, but in 2020, the character of Meredith hasn’t aged particularly well.

Her attempts to sleep with everyone at the office and her multiple instances of self-exposure just wouldn’t fly these days.

2 Kelly: Didn’t Stop Speaking

She might have been a great writer, producer and director on various episodes of the show, but Mindy Kaling just happened to play an unfathomably annoying character.

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She was consistently funny, yes, but Kelly Kapoor’s ability to ramble on and on in her high-pitched voice was just a bit much for anything more than about ten seconds. In the end, we were quite happy that she was much less prominent in season nine.

1 Creed: Has An Intense Criminal History

Everyone loves Creed thanks to his mysterious background that no one can quite put their finger on. And what does he actually do at the office all day?

One of the more interesting things about him, though, is his implied criminal history. At best he's a consistent fraudster, but thanks to his reactions to certain situations, it seems that he may have killed someone.

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