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The Originals: 5 Times Rebekah Was The Superior Mikaelson Sister (& 5 Times It Was Freya)

On The Originals, family is everything to Rebekah and Freya Mikaelson. But which character is better: the strong vampire or the responsible witch?

Rebekah and Freya Mikaelson stop at nothing to protect their family throughout The Originals. Both women are powerful supernatural opponents ⁠— Rebekah is a vampire with unparalleled strength and speed, whereas Freya is an exceptionally skilled witch. The Original sisters utilize their formidable abilities to protect their family, demonstrating a ruthless streak that sets them apart as Mikaelsons.

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Rebekah can be flighty but ultimately loves her family more than anything, while Freya shoulders great responsibility as the eldest sibling. Both Originals are impressive, but which Mikaelson sister is superior?

10 Rebekah: Taking Care Of Hope

Rebekah and Klaus come to blows in Season 1 of The Originals after the hybrid discovers Rebekah and Marcel lured Mikael to New Orleans. Despite their bloody history, however, the Original siblings reconcile, and Klaus entrusts Hope into Rebekah's care in the season finale.

Klaus and Hayley fake Hope's death to keep their daughter safe. The hybrid knows that nobody will protect his child more than Rebekah, trusting his sister with the person he loves most.

9 Freya: Saving Rebekah From The Asylum

Freya makes a shocking introduction to the narrative in Season 2, and it isn't long before the Mikaelsons' lost sister is saving the day for her siblings. After waking up from her magical hibernation, Freya helps Rebekah by breaking them both out of the witch asylum.

Freya continues to use magic to save her siblings throughout the entirety of the series. She lives up to her role as the eldest sister and repeatedly rescues her siblings from certain death.

8 Rebekah: Vowing To Save Kol

Rebekah loses her brother Kol twice; first in The Vampire Diaries when he is killed by Jeremy and Elena, and second in The Originals after he is hexed by their brother, Finn. Following Kol's second death, Rebekah vows to resurrect her brother and stays inside the body of Eva Sinclair so she can continue to practice magic.

Rebekah refuses to give up on Kol and shows more concern for his welfare than Klaus or Elijah. The siblings are eventually reunited in Season 3 and travel the world together for a while following Davina's death.

7 Freya: Saving Her Siblings From Marcel

Freya steps up again in the finale of Season 3 and saves the lives of the Mikaelson siblings once more. The witch links the Originals' life force to Klaus, and traps them in the Chambre de Chasse. This ensures the vampires remain asleep but alive, giving Hayley time to find cures for Rebekah's hex and Marcel's venom.

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The Original siblings would have been doomed if it weren't for Freya. Her spell ensures the survival of her family, who reunite in time to face the Hollow.

6 Rebekah: Remaining Daggered To Keep Her Family Safe

Rebekah suffers an ordeal during Season 3 before being marked with a mysterious, skull-shaped brand. The hex causes her bloodlust to intensify and, to keep her family safe, she forces Elijah to neutralize her with a White Oak dagger.

Rebekah chooses to remain daggered to keep her family safe, sacrificing herself for the well-being of her siblings. The Original sister demonstrates a selfless side that ensures the survival of her supernatural family.

5 Freya: Saving Finn's Life

Freya saved all of her siblings from the brink of death throughout the series. In Season 2, the witch traps Finn's soul inside her Talisman, guaranteeing his survival after he is expelled from Vincent's body.

Finn dies in Season 3 after being bitten by Lucien Castle, but Freya does everything she can to help her brother. She shows more utmost love towards him, and stays by his side until his end.

4 Rebekah: Helping Her Family Fight The Hollow

Rebekah and Kol return from their tour of the world in Season 4 to help their family fight the Hollow. Rebekah absorbs a portion of the Hollow's spirit before Klaus sacrifices himself in Season 5 to defeat the evil witch once and for all.

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Despite their history, Rebekah returned to New Orleans when her family needed her, and refused to abandon them. Klaus thanks her by arranging for her to take the Cure so she can finally have the human life she desires.

3 Freya: Helping Hope To Train Her Abilities

In Season 5 of The Originals, Freya helps her niece harness her supernatural abilities. Freya coaches Hope with her magical powers before taking her to an abandoned warehouse where the young hybrid trains her enhanced werewolf physicality.

Freya occupies a role of responsibility as the oldest child and matriarch of the Mikaelson family. She remarks that she views Hope as the child she never had, and imparts valuable wisdom that assists Hope's adventures throughout the spin-off show, Legacies.

2 Rebekah: Looking For Elijah

Rebekah is initially reluctant to join her brothers in New Orleans during Season 1 of The Originals. Despite remaining in Mystic Falls at first, Rebekah eventually makes her way to the French Quarter after Elijah is daggered by Klaus.

Concerned by her brother's disappearance, Rebekah returns to New Orleans and faces Klaus in her search for Elijah. The Original sister stays in the city against her wishes and stops at nothing in her quest to find her brother.

1 Freya: Proposing To Keelin

Freya has a ruthless streak that reflects in her fierce devotion to her family. Her relationship with Keelin was often sidelined in favor of her family drama, but the witch finally puts Keelin first in Season 5 when she proposes to her.

Freya tells Keelin that she won't choose her family first anymore as Keelin is her family too. It is an emotional reunion for the couple. The Original family unites at Freya and Keelin's wedding, celebrating together for the last time.

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