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The Vampire Diaries: 5 Times We Felt Bad For Katherine (& 5 Times We Hated Her)

When her time on the show came to an end, Katherine had no shortage of enemies. However, she was also a fairly sympathetic character, as we see here.

Katherine Pierce was one of the most compelling villains in The Vampire Diaries. She managed to get on everyone's bad side, which is quite an accomplishment, considering how many complex and original characters there were in the series. She never hesitated to put herself first, which often meant hurting or killing those who got in her way.

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When her time on the show came to an end, Katherine had no shortage of enemies. However, Katherine was also quite a sympathetic character, as the events leading up to her becoming a vampire were hardly her fault. That being said, she could have chosen a different path.

10 Felt Bad - When She Was Held Captive By Klaus

Near the end of season 2, Klaus Mikaelson took over Alaric Saltzman's body because it was convenient to the plot (nobody was sure why this happened, especially as Klaus never used this power in his own show, ever). During this time, Klaus held Katherine prisoner.

This would have made the list on its own, but because Klaus was more than a bit sadistic, he took this rare opportunity to have some fun with his captive, such as compelling Katherine, forcing her to stand in sunlight, and basically killing her with boredom.

9 Hated Her - When She Killed Caroline

At the end of season 1, Caroline Forbes got into a pretty nasty car accident, thanks to Tyler Lockwood's supernatural werewolf inheritance. Although Tyler and Matt Donovan were generally fine, Caroline was severely injured and she almost died.

Thankfully, Damon gave her his blood to heal her and she woke up. However, Katherine came to visit her, pretending to be Elena, and told Caroline to give a message to the Salvatore brothers. She then proceeded to smother Caroline to death in yet another shocking Katherine moment.

8 Felt Bad - When Her Daughter Was Taken Away

Although the Katherine that was introduced in the season 1 finale was an evil, selfish and self-obsessed vampire, she didn't start out that way. In fact, Katherine really did have a rough life. She gave birth out of wedlock, bringing shame to her family.

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As a result, they took her daughter away from her and Katherine never saw her again ... until she popped up in Mystic Falls, centuries later. While this story was only told in flashbacks, Katherine's raw grief and pain at losing her baby was just utterly heartbreaking.

7 Hated - When She Neglected Nadia

Considering her reaction when her daughter was taken away from her, one would be forgiven for thinking that Katherine would welcome a chance to get to know her fully grown daughter, Nadia Petrova. Yet again, though, Katherine's selfish instincts kicked in.

At first, Katherine simply rejected Nadia outright, before she begrudgingly accepted the fact that Nadia was her daughter. Even then, however, Katherine pushed Nadia to the side just so that she could have another chance at winning back Stefan. Nadia's pain was obvious to anyone but her own mother.

6 Felt Bad - When She Was Given The Cure

When Caroline became a vampire, she became a better person, and it was obvious that her new life suited her far better than her human life. The same could be said for Katherine, as she definitely enjoyed the perks of being a vampire, such as immortality.

When someone loves their existence as much as Katherine did, it's always tragic when that comes to a completely unforeseeable end. Although Katherine certainly had it coming, taking the Cure took away everything that she was familiar with, including her powerful reputation.

5 Hated - When She Stole Elena's Body

After being drained of the Cure by Silas, Katherine started to rapidly age and there was nothing that she could do to stop it. All of Katherine's enemies waited eagerly for her to kick the bucket but Katherine Pierce was never one to go down without a fight.

Her daughter persuaded a Traveller to do a spell to transfer Katherine's 'essence' into Elena Gilbert's body, sealing her in in the process. Not only was Katherine happy to leave Elena trapped for eternity, she completely ruined Elena's social life before anyone realized something was wrong.

4 Felt Bad - When Klaus Murdered Her Family

Klaus had never been the most level headed vampire to walk this earth, but this was totally shocking, even for him. Katherine was just an innocent young woman when she and the Mikaelsons crossed paths. She began to fall for Klaus, until she realized he was planning to kill her.

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Klaus needed a doppelgänger sacrifice for his ritual, but they had to be human. The only way to save herself was for Katherine to become a vampire. However, this enraged Klaus so much that he slaughtered Katherine's family and chased her for hundreds of years.

3 Hated - When She Tried To Destroy Mystic Falls

When fans heard that The Vampire Diaries was ending, there was only ever one villain who could send it on its way. Although season 8's main antagonists were Cade and the Sirens, it transpired that they were all simply carrying out Katherine's bidding.

Katherine appeared in the series finale, determined to wipe out Mystic Falls once and for all. After all, she had suffered so much misery in that godforsaken town. For such a sassy and collected vampire, however, this act of sheer desperation and anger was completely shocking and unhinged.

2 Felt Bad - When Nadia Died

By season 5, Katherine had hurt many people. She had rejected Damon more times than anyone could remember, she'd killed Caroline and Jeremy, and she'd made Elena's whole life a living hell.

There was one more gut punch to come, though, and this time, Katherine was on the receiving end. The Salvatores had captured Nadia, who had been bitten by Tyler and was near death. They used Katherine's love for her daughter as bait for her to come and say goodbye, knowing full well that this would get her killed.

1 Hated - When She Killed Jeremy

This was hands down Katherine's most sadistic and devious moment in the entire series. Everyone was after the Cure in season 4, not knowing that if they took it, there was a chance that they could release Silas, as well.

When Jeremy found the Cure, Katherine ambushed him and fed him to Silas, who snapped his neck. This devastated Elena, who completely lost the plot. She switched off her humanity, burnt down her house, and alienated her friends, all thanks to Katherine.

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