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Tony Stark Once Became Doctor Strange, NOT Iron Man | Screen Rant

Fans have noticed how similar Doctor Strange and Iron Man seem in the MCU, but in the comics, Tony Stark actually BECAME Doctor Strange!

Fans of both the comics and the MCU movies have often seen several similarities between Doctor Strange and Iron Man. Both Stephen and Tony are arrogant men who fell from grace, before using the power of their minds to make themselves superheroes. But in one alternate future in Marvel Comics, this comparison became even more ridiculously obvious when Tony Stark became the new Master of the Mystic Arts.

That’s right: Stark actually one-upped Strange by not only taking over as a mystic guardian, but giving magic a technological upgrade as well!

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The story took place in What If --? #113, in a story entitled “What If… Tony Stark Became The Master of the Mystic Arts?” In this alternate reality, Strange and Stark bump into each other at a party, and Tony convinces Stephen to ride in his Lamborghini, resulting in the fateful accident that ruined Doctor Strange’s hands. Guilt-ridden, Tony devoted himself to finding a way to fix Doctor Strange’s hands, eventually taking him to Tibet in the hopes that the Ancient One could help.

Ironically, Strange – who had become more passive under Tony’s care – simply went along for the ride. Thus, it was Tony and not Stephen who discovered Mordo’s betrayal and asked to become the Ancient One’s disciple. After spending only a few months studying with the Ancient One, Tony acquired sufficient skill to beat Mordo in battle and was appointed Earth’s sorcerer champion. (Considering it took Strange years to acquire his mastery of the mystic arts, Tony Stark clearly one-upped Doctor Strange here.)

Returning home, Tony set himself up as the new mystic guardian – but with a technological twist. By gathering materials from other dimensions, he was able to construct armored suits powered by mystical energies, giving new meaning to the term “spell check.” While he still employs magical artifacts like the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation, he also wears an eyepiece that helps him analyze demons, determine their weaknesses, and then choose specific spells to use against them.

Strange also returned with Tony, as his butler. Furious that he was basically Stark’s hired help by this point, Strange’s resentments drove him to bargain with Dormammu. By giving the Lord of the Dark Dimension information on Stark’s armor and inventions, Strange gets Dormammu to use his magic to fix his still-broken hands. However, Strange gets a change of heart when he meets Clea, Dorammmu’s niece, who tells Stephen all the horrible things Dorammu will do to Earth once Tony Stark is out of the way. Donning Stark’s stolen armor, Stephen Strange becomes the “Iron Sorcerer.” While he didn’t train in the mystic arts like Stark, the armor proves so user-friendly even a novice as Strange can pilot it.

Returning the armor to Stark, Stephen lets Tony re-engage Dormammu, eventually tricking Dormammu into a battle on the astral plane, while his armor whisks Dormammu’s body to different dimensions at random, causing the Lord of the Dark Dimension to cancel his invasion while he retrieves it. In the aftermath, Strange chooses to stay in the Dark Dimension with Clea... while Tony Stark resumes his duties as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Weirdly, the “mainstream” Doctor Strange also ended up following Tony Stark’s example in the pages of his own comic book. After being tutored by Eitri, the Asgardian dwarf who forged Thor’s hammer and axe in the MCU films, Strange began constructing his own mystical weapons in his own “Forge.” While he didn’t start mixing transistors with mystical energies as Stark did, his new gear has a decidedly sleeker look, indicating that Iron Man and Doctor Strange may be more similar even in the “regular” Marvel Universe as well.

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