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Twilight Movie’s Creepy Baby Doll Might Actually Be Haunted

The Twilight animatronic Renesmee doll continues to scare tourists while on display in Forks, Washington, where she presumably walks around at night.

The eerie doll that played Bella Swan's hybrid human-vampire daughter Renesmee in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1, is reportedly haunted. "Chuckesmee," as she was somewhat affectionately known on set, creeped out quite a few cast and crew members during filming. Renesmee is touted in the Twilight Saga books as an unusually beautiful child, growing at an impossible rate - thus prompting producers to create a doll for the character, rather than use a real child.

First looks at the Renesmee doll behind the scenes were featured as a bonus once the film was released. Her creepy features spread across the internet and became hilarious memes, but some are finding the doll's "activity" more scary than funny. Breaking Dawn: Part 1's director, Bill Condon, was so creeped out by the doll's head movements on set that the entire use of it was scrapped, and replaced with a digital child (though the primary creepy features remained). The doll is now on display in Forks, Washington, in the Forks Chamber of Commerce's Forever Twilight collection, which features many props from the Twilight Saga.

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Jezebel reports that the Renesmee doll has a strange effect on people, prompting her to be so constantly touched that she had to be put into a display case. TikTok user abbie23456789 says she was told the doll was haunted during her visit to the Forever Twilight collection. The doll's melting skin (which curators have no idea consists of) makes her clammy to the touch. The creepiest reported thing about "Chuckesmee," however, is that her socks are dirty - as if she's been getting out and walking around. Apparently, she also changes position frequently. One day she could be standing straight and the next, she'd be standing some other way.

TikTok user abbie23456789 also says a worker at the Forever Twilight Collection in Forks told her things close to the doll's case tend to move around mysteriously. The doll has become quite an attraction for its role in the film, but also for its creepy reputation - it's the most popular item in the Twilight Collection. While some love it, others "hate her guts," as Lissy Andros, Executive Director for the Forks Chamber of Commerce, told Jezebel. Ironically the doll has actual guts. She was designed with animatronic guts, making her weigh approximately 35 pounds, the approximate weight of a real four-year-old.

There are many presumably haunted dolls, of course, but what's particularly strange about "Chuckesmee" is her build and makeup. She was created to appear as an actual child on screen, after all. Whether or not she's actually cursed is tough to tell. But whether her socks are dirty from tourists' touch or from late night escapades in the surrounding museum displays, it's safe to say that all Twilight fans feel just a little bit safer knowing she's encased.

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Source: Jezebel

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