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Two & A Half Men: 10 Things About Evelyn That Make No Sense

Two and a Half Men wouldn’t be as funny as it is without Evelyn, but there are some things about her that don’t make sense

Two And A Half Men was released more than a decade ago and it’s still being watched and loved by people around the world. There are a ton of memorable characters in the show, other than Charlie, Alan and Jake, but none so worthy as Evelyn. Even when the scenes are not funny, Evelyn and Jake keep the laughs going with their subtle gestures or little acts.

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But perhaps what makes someone as cold, insensitive, fake and extremely evil as Evelyn is how many people can actually relate with having someone like her for a mother. Long story short, she's an irreplaceable presence on Two on a Half Menbut some things about her just don't add up. Here are 10 things about Evlyn that don't make sense.

10 She Has No Character Arc To Speak Of

Evelyn started off as a manipulative, insensitive, careless, psycho mother who is single-handedly responsible for all the issues that Charlie and Alan are facing in their lives. For most of the show's run time, she stayed the same. If anything, she became much more selfish and soul-sucking with each passing episode!

It's really tough to imagine but she is the same even at the end of the show. There is really no development in her character, which makes her predictable and a strange anomaly in the show since even someone as detestable as Charlie had some moments of humanity.

9 What Exactly Is Her Play With Jake?

In an episode, Evelyn expresses her disdain about not getting enough time with Jake while Judith’s parents get to spend entire weeks with him. Alan offers her to spend as much time as she wants but she refuses, saying she wants to spend time with Jake, but less.

One time, she takes Jake in her home but within a night, steps back because, apparently, Jake is too messy! Where is she going with this?

8 Why Does Evelyn Love Rose?

Everyone knows Rose is a psychotic crazy stalker and that she even has a restraining order on her. And yet, Evelyn is truly fond of her. Out of all the women Charlie hooked up with and probably we are talking in thousands, Evelyn never really connected with anyone but Chelsea (a little) and (mostly) Rose. She even used to phone her, call her to parties and check on her periodically.

A reason might be that Rose did the same for her too and even used to send her birthday cards, but it’s difficult to think that a condescending woman like Evelyn could fall for that!

7 Why Doesn’t Evelyn Investigate Charlie’s Death?

After an abrupt exit of Charlie Sheen from the show, Two and a Half Men took a sharp turn. The next episode cold-opened with a funeral service for Charlie Harper, where Rose informed the cast and audience that he died after falling on the tracks in front of an oncoming train.

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Everyone seemed suspicious of this. Being a mother and despite being really bad at that, Evelyn still turned up whenever Charlie or Alan needed her throughout the series. But this around, the news of her son's death doesn’t seem to faze her in the slightest, which is weirdly out of character even for her.

6 Continuity Error Or Magic?

Evelyn offers to host Jake for a weekend. Charlie and Alan happily drop him off at her place and drive on to a bar for some drinks and a break.

Evelyn serves sushi to Jake, which he doesn’t like and spits all over her expensive carpet. So, she asks him if he would eat spaghetti. The exact time stamp is 3:06, her hands are empty. But exactly one scene later, her hands are holding a sponge and a cleaner bottle. Is that one of her magic spells?

5 Just How Narcissistic Is She?

In the second episode of the second season, Evelyn, Rose and Berta sit together for a family discussion with Charlie, in order to sort out the things between the mother and the son. Evelyn asks why Charlie hates her so much, to which Charlie calls her a "narcissist bloodsucker" who drove his father to an early grave.

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He says that his childhood was lonely, cold and loveless, all thanks to Evelyn. After he shuts up, Evelyn walks up to him and says he is obviously not ready to talk about it yet. She just totally ignored everything he said and laughed it off! For a self-absorbed character, Evelyn manages to stretch narcissism to an impossible breaking point.

4 Dead Hugo & Teddy's Proposal

In episode 24 of Season 4, Charlie and Alan visit Evelyn to persuade her to get back with Teddy. They are shocked to see her with another man Hugo. Evelyn says she is happy with Hugo because he is much better than Teddy in a few areas!

While they are talking, Hugo, loaded with the pressure of Viagra, dies and Evelyn immediately makes a call. Turns out she called Teddy to accept his proposal instead of calling 911 for dead Hugo!

3 Evelyn's Fake Hospital Emergency

In one episode, Charlie and Alan get the news that Evelyn is admitted in a hospital. Shocked, they rush to visit her. She tells them how she was alone when she felt she was not well and she had to drive to the hospital alone (stress on the word alone).

It seems like she is very sick but shortly after, they meet the doctor who tells them that everything is fine with her. Apparently, Evelyn just did this hospital stunt to put Charlie and Alan on a guilt trip. Even for her, this was low and out of character. Honestly, she could have done better!

2 Evelyn Is (Apparently) The Bigger Witch

In the third season, Charlie gets trapped in a vicious circle of lust and seduction with no less than 13 women. The catch is all of them were satanists and Charlie got on the receiving end of some really dangerous, kinky and nasty stuff. He tries to break free of the women, but one of them reaches his home to threaten him with a curse of his manhood shriveling into husk.

Cut to the next scene, Evelyn is there. Seeing her, Isabella apologizes and immediately leaves the house herself. Why did this happen and what exactly does it imply? Does that mean Evelyn is a Satanist too?

1 The Circus Story

Out of all the weird antics done and stunts pulled off by Evelyn, this one for sure takes the cake. In the seventh episode of the seventh season, when Charlie is feeling guilty about his drunken escapade with a woman, Evelyn tells him her own story.

Back when she was married to her second husband, one day the Carpet King was away on a business trip and she was lonely and bored. A circus was in town, so she slept with the whole circus crew! Wait, how can someone sleep with the entire crew in a single night? That’s taking a joke to a brand new level of extremity!

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