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Veronica Mars: D&D Moral Alignments Of The Main Characters

Neptune is home to some morally dubious individuals. Here are the Dungeons & Dragons moral alignments of Veronica Mars’s main characters.

Veronica Mars takes place in a town full of murder and crime and this results in an eclectic group of people each with their own Moral Alignment. The seedy town of Neptune is home to a vast array of characters all with different motivations that mold their decisions. Law is ignored if someone has the right bank account and the disenfranchised take it into their own hands to correct the injustices.

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If the members of Neptune were to play the game of Dungeons & Dragons, they would all follow their moral compass in different directions. Here's where the characters of Veronica Mars fall when it comes to the D&D Moral Alignments.

10 Veronica Mars: Neutral Good

Veronica is all about justice being served but she's not above breaking a few laws, and into a few houses, for the sake of solving a case. She upholds good morals like loyalty and doesn't believe in violence for the sake of violence.

Veronica's choice of weapon, a taser, is a good representation of her moral alignment, as it gets the job down with a minimal amount of damage.

9 Keith Mars: Lawful Good

Keith's alignment as Lawful Good often puts him at odds with Veronica's more neutral approach. He believes in upholding the law, even losing his job as sheriff when he became so obsessed with solving the case and holding the killer of Veronica's best friend Lily accountable.

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Keith does not like it when Veronica gets creative with the law and he would rather find a way to solve cases without breaking the rules. That said, Keith does toe the line on a few occasions, although only for the sake of good.

8 Logan Echolls: Chaotic Neutral

With his bad-boy reputation, it is no wonder that Logan Echolls can be categorized as Chaotic on the alignment scale. He doesn't really care about the law and is used to getting things his way.

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However, Logan loves Veronica, cared deeply for Lily, and even has a bond with Dick Casablancas that he doesn't break during the course of the show. While Logan doesn't always put others first, he does so more often then not, therefore, he belongs under Chaotic Neutral.

7 Dick Casablancas: Chaotic Neutral

There is no better word for Dick than Chaotic as he often adds chaos to everyone's day and follows no order or logic. Despite that, Dick cares about those closest to him, such as Logan and his brother Beever, and even on occasion seems to sympathize with Veronica.

Dick is selfish but in a rather naive way. Therefore, he would be with his pal Logan in the classification of Chaotic Neutral.

6 Wallace Fennel: Neutral Good

If it wasn't for Veronica's influence, Wallace Fennel would probably be more of a Lawful Good but she constantly convinces him to bend the rules to help her crack the case. Wallace is loyal to a fault and his heart often gets broken due to his insistence on always seeing the good in people.

5 Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie: True Neutral

Mac doesn't really take the law into account when she makes her decisions and she also has a negative view of the 09ers when we first meet her, blackmailings many of them to get the money needed for a new car. She also doesn't seem to flinch when she meets Max and learns of his questionable side business.

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Nevertheless, Mac is also known to see the good in people and values justice like Veronica and is always up for a good hack. She takes a job with Kane Industries because of its good money and doesn't let the CEO's history influence her decision either way. Mac doesn't really seem to care too much about either side as long as she has her laptop and friends with her.

4 Weevil Nevaro: Chaotic Evil

Although Weevil is known to show certain loyalties to Veronica, his gang, and his grandmother, there is always something that can entice him to betray them. He helps Veronica out of quite a few jams on the show but it was always more of a you-scratch-my-back-I'll-scratch-yours kind of a  relationship.

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Other things that point Weevil towards Chaotic Evil are his involvement in Thumpers's death and dropping the lawsuit that would have helped Keith bring down the corrupt police department for the settlement money. Weevil is also introduced on the show after having had Wallace strapped to the flagpole for "narcing."

3 Sheriff Lamb: Lawful Evil

Sheriff Lamb cares more about being praised for cases he didn't close than keeping the citizens of Neptune safe. He uses his power in law to get out of binds and take advantage of the town to benefit himself. He is constantly butting heads with Keith as they exemplify two sides of the lawful coin and the two ways to handle crime in a town.

Lamb's death was shocking and should have put an end to the way the town was run but his brother Dan just brings a different kind of madness with his Chaotic Evil alignment.

2 Vinnie Van Lowe: Chaotic Evil

Vinnie is everything Keith is not. He disregards the code and doesn't care about his clients, only the paycheck. He constantly sells out those around him for a big win and has no qualms about knocking people down to get to the top.

Vinnie also loves to brag and has to constantly be brought down a peg by either Veronica or Keith.

1 Duncan Kane: Neutral Good

Duncan is a pretty good teen, doesn't get in trouble much, and is never mean for the sake of a laugh. He loves deeply and is willing to sacrifice a lot in order to save the baby he has with Meg after she passes away in season 3.

Duncan literally evades the law but all to ensure his little girl has a good life away from her evil grandparents.

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