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Westworld: 10 Things That Made No Sense In Season 3 | ScreenRant

As expected, Westworld’s third season left fans asking a lot of questions, but some of these don’t seem to be intentional

Westworld season three just wrapped up, and fans have had some time to debate the details and implications of the show. Are they consistent with the past two seasons? Are they a worthwhile addition to the mastery of what came before? How do the new characters stack up to the established ones?

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These are just some of the many topics up for discussion. One could go on for ages about the show, but staying within the confines of season three offers up enough food for thought on its own - especially the things about the show's most recent events and revelations that just don't really add up. Here's 10 things about Westworld season three that opened more questions than answers in the wrong way.

10 Hale Suddenly Disappears

Hale suddenly crops up as Dolores' enemy in the final episode, wreaks a little havoc, and makes some threats about having her own plan for the world. Later, Dolores buys out two of her snipers and the Hale Threat disappears for the rest of the episode.

Maybe she will re-appear in season four, but a little more explanation would've been helpful.

9 Maeve Never Noticed The Robot Speaking To Serac

Maeve is meant to have the ability to communicate with technology. She is hyper-aware all through the show, but then the final episode reveals that Serac has been functioning on the behalf of the technological creation of he and his brother.

Maeve has spent plenty of time with Serac yet she only notices this huge detail now, with no explanation as to why she didn't notice before.

8 Hale Suggested She Was Working With Maeve

Just when Hale (or another version of Dolores inside Hale's body, rather) was feeling resentful of Dolores' inattention to her, the car with her (sort of) family blows up with her in it.

She survives the crash, but when she comes back in the next episode it's through a call to one of Dolores' other forms. It appears she might have been working with Maeve all along, seeing as one of Maeve's old friends pops up... but since Hale destroyed Hugo, this seems unlikely.

7 Clementine Appears For No Reason

After vengeful Hale calls Dolores threateningly, Clementine suddenly appears and attacks Dolores in the form of Musashi. Cool as this may be, no one knows how exactly Clementine got there.

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The first guess might be that she is associated with Maeve, considering that she was Maeve's best friend. Or perhaps she is yet another form of Dolores. There's no knowing yet, and it felt a little too random.

6 Hale Mercilessly Kills Hugo

In a few sparse scenes before Hale rebels against Dolores, she takes some time to carry out some missions that will further Dolores' cause, like killing Hugo. Hale does all this while being being stuck in a building with people who want to kill her while also helping the very person responsible for the current sticky situation she's in.

Hale is supposed to be the more sensitive version of Dolores, so it doesn't make sense for her to be the one to go out of her way to remorselessly murder a fellow host.

5 Dolores Doesn't Know What Caleb Will Do With The Hard-Drive

The show emphasizes the fact that Dolores chose Caleb for his capacity to choose. In a world where most people's decisions are predictable, Dolores sought out Caleb for being a person who goes against the grain.

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The thing is, the very reason her plan for Caleb has worked so well is because she was able to plot his every move. She was able to do this thanks to his data, which revealed what patterns of decisions he makes. This challenges and even contradicts the very basis of why she chose him to begin with.

4 Bernard Easily Gets In & Out Of The Theme Park

Bernard is back on the scene working on some farm no one knows the location of, nor why he is there or how he even got there in the first place. He appears to be in the modern-day human world, but then he goes off to travel back to the theme parks.

Apparently, he does so by whispering in the ear of a man at the boating docks. The man nods in understanding and lo and behold, Bernard ends up back in the parks. If the parks are so easy to get in and out of, all of seasons one and two make much less sense.

3 Dolores Has No Learning Curve In The Human World

Dolores is a high-tech creature who processes information far faster and more effectively than humans. While that is a given, she's still a foreigner in the human world and a few bumps along the way wouldn't go amiss for reality's sake.

And yet, Dolores swoops into season three as a master of all things human, at times proving to be a better human than actual humans. She knows how everything works, socially and otherwise. Viewers are meant to simply accept this, it would seem.

2 Hosts Are Never Seen Flying Between Countries

The hosts will mention needing to go to another country and in the next scene, there they are. No airports or travel of any kind is apparently involved.

This might seem like nitpicking seeing as scenes of a host going through an airplane aren't exactly integral to the show, but it once again poses the question of how hosts so easily know how to function as normal people in a place as public as an airport. It also glosses over the obvious question of how they get through the metal detector; maybe they don't have those in the future?

1 Why Didn't Dolores Just Tell Maeve Her Plan To Begin With?

Dolores and Maeve are at each other's throats through all of season three and much of season two as well. Dolores implores Maeve not to fight with her, telling her they should be on the same side. However, Maeve doesn't trust Dolores, accusing her of being a dictator with only herself in mind.

The end of the last season proves that Dolores did not only have herself in mind and that her plan didn't conflict with Maeve's at all. Their fighting was avoidable, at least according to the information that has been given so far.

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