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Which Birds of Prey Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Birds of Prey featured a lot of DC’s characters and brought them to life on screen. Now let’ dive further into their character and find their Zodiac.

In Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn is joined by a cast of characters who are brand new to the DCEU. These characters were able to stand out on their own, and they all fit perfectly into the world that's been established. From Cassandra Cain to Black Mask, each of them has fresh and distinctive personalities.

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These distinctive personalities allow them to represent a specific Zodiac sign. While some characters may be able to have more than one sign describe them, there's only one that describes them the best. Here are all twelve of the Zodiac signs, and the characters that can be associated with them.

12 Aries - Patrick Erickson

Aries are always looking to become leaders in whatever they do. They're determined, aggressive, and will do almost anything to come out on top. This description also fits Captain Patrick Erickson.

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Patrick worked alongside Renee Montoya at the Gotham City Police Department. When Renee cracked a case, Patrick stole her credit and got a promotion that should've gone to her. Patrick showed that he is competitive and eager to be a leader, similar to Aries.

11 Taurus - Black Mask

The character in Birds of Prey who most represents Taurus is Black Mask. Both Black Mask and Tauruses are hedonists and enjoy being surrounded by their numerous possessions.

They are also both stubborn and refuse to give up on the things they want. Much like a Taurus, Black Mask demonstrates that he enjoys treasures and will go through great lengths to get them.

10 Gemini - Cassandra Cain

Geminis are quick to find a companion in anyone and want to meet someone they can trust and learn from. They are also curious and interested in everything that comes their way. Not only is this a description for a Gemini, but it also works for Cassandra Cain.

Cassandra is so curious about the world that she steals nearly everything she comes in contact with. She also looks for a mentor in Harley Quinn, something that a Gemini would be likely to do.

9 Cancer - Victor Zsasz

Cancers are incredibly loyal to the people they're close to, and their main concern is that of the person they care about the most. Nobody in Birds of Prey exemplifies this more than Victor Zsasz.

From the beginning of the film to where he fights against the Birds of Prey, Victor remains loyal to Black Mask. Only a Cancer would have that level of devotion towards someone else.

8 Leo - Harley Quinn

In Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn is trying to turn her life towards a new direction. Now that she's away from the Joker, she thinks of creative ways to stand apart from him. Traits Harley exhibits, such as being creative, spoiled, and arrogant, are often found in Leos.

Harley got used to being the Joker's girlfriend and the protection that came with it. When they broke up, she was so spoiled that she wasn't entirely ready for the people coming after her. Additionally, by wearing fancy clothes and thinking to blow up the chemical lab, Harley showed she has plenty of the Leo creativity.

7  Virgo - Black Canary

Although Black Canary works for Black Mask, she's still humane and compassionate. For example, she saves Harley from getting kidnapped, and she helps Cassandra by giving her money. It's because of these reasons that she is most like Virgos.

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Virgos are always willing to help others, and though they may not always show it, they are very caring towards other people. As arguably the most caring member of the Birds of Prey, Black Canary definitely fits the description.

6 Libra - Renee Montoya

As a detective for the GCPD, Renee Montoya is always looking to bring criminals to justice. Even when she's fired from her job, and she knows her life is on the line, she stops at nothing to capture Black Mask. Through her efforts to stop the elusive crime lord, she demonstrates clear traits of a Libra.

Libras have huge respect for justice and will do almost anything to keep the peace. Since Renee's mission in the film is to stop Black Mask from hurting people, she perfectly exemplifies the characteristics of Libras.

5 Scorpio - Happy

Scorpios can often be tough and aggressive when they want something. Being the most violent of the signs, they will stop at nothing to achieve what they want. Happy is similar because he went through so much just to catch Harley.

When Harley was still dating the Joker, they made tattoos all over Happy's face. Ever since Happy has wanted to exact revenge. By tracking Harley down, he showed a Scorpio's commitment and passion for revenge.

4 Sagittarius - Doc

People who are Sagittarius are honest and philosophical. They look to the world for freedom and want to explore its wonders. The character who exhibits this sign the most is Doc.

Doc gives Harley a place to live when she has nowhere else to go. But when he's offered money to reveal where she is, he takes it so he could open up a new shop. Doc wanted to be free and be able to move on with life, much like a Sagittarius.

3 Capricorn - Ellen Yee

Ellen Yee was Renee Montoya's girlfriend, and they both worked at the GCPD. After they broke up, they still had to work together. But when Renee smuggles evidence against the GCPD's orders, Ellen decides to turn her in.

Capricorns are known to be responsible, and though they value their loved ones, they will do what they believe is right, even if it means hurting them. Renee was still Ellen's friend, but she turned her in because she believed Renee was going too far in her investigation.

2 Aquarius - Huntress

Huntress spent most of her life training to get revenge against the people who killed her family. Though she had little social interaction, she's still willing to fight for other people. Huntress's determination and independence make her the perfect Aquarius.

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Aquarius people are loners, independent, and emotionally distant. They can listen to others' problems as well as fight for them. Much like an Aquarius, Huntress isn't the most eager to talk in a conversation, but she's always ready to fight for what she believes in.

1 Pisces - Sal

One of the most giving people in Birds of Prey is Sal. He makes Harley's perfect sandwich, and even though she doesn't have enough money to pay for it, he gives it to her anyway.

Pisces give to people even when they don't have much to give themselves. They're wise, selfless people who would rather see someone happy than to take from them. Being one of the few people who are consistently nice to Harley, Sal exemplifies a Pisces the most.

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