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Woody Harrelson: 10 Memorable Roles, Ranked From Most Villainous To Most Heroic

Woody Harrelson has over 100 acting credits to his name, including 3 Oscar nominations. Here are his best roles ranked from most villainous to heroic.

Woody Harrelson has over 100 acting credits to his name, and with three Oscar nominations, there's a lot of flicks to love from this versatile and legendary actor. From drama to comedy to thriller, this actor has taken Hollywood by storm in many of your all-time favorite flicks.

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Every fan of this brilliant actor knows him as a zombie slayer, a bold detective, or a quirky teacher - there are endless roles where he absolutely slayed. So here are 10 of Woody Harrelson's most memorable roles, ranked from most villainous to most heroic.

10 Mickey Knox - Natural Born Killers (1994)

This classic 90s crime drama stars Woody Harrelson alongside Juliette Lewis. They play two lovers with traumatic pasts and become serial murderers. Directed by Oliver Stone, this villainous and psychopathic character is more than memorable.

It doesn't get more entertaining than this partnership, and fans will love this action flick with Woody Harrelson as a bold and crazy killer.

9 The Colonel - The War Of The Planet Of The Apes (2017)

This action-adventure follows a group of apes who embark on a quest to avenge the tragic losses they have endured. This critically-acclaimed flick has Woody Harrelson as the Colonel - the man who kills the family of the leading ape, Caesar.

This movie is quite literally a war, and so much action and drama that all viewers will definitely be entertained and enthralled. Of course, Woody Harrelson is certainly the villain of the flick.

8 Merritt McKinney - Now You See Me (2013)

This crime mystery flick follows a team of illusionists who rob banks during their live performances. With Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, and Woody Harrelson, there's a lot of powerful personalities and impressive magic.

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Mark Ruffalo is the FBI agent tracking them, and there's a lot of action and drama to be had. Of course, Merritt McKinney is a technically a criminal, and this hot-headed illusionist walks the line between good and bad.

7 Beckett - Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

This sci-fi adventure is the spin-off for our favorite character: Han Solo. With Emila Clarke, Thandie Newton, Alden Ehrenreich, and Woody Harrelson, this adventure takes place int he criminal underworld. With thieves, pilots, Chewbacca, and a rebellion, this is for all fans of sci-fi and action.

Beckett is a thief, so naturally, he isn't the most heroic. However, he's brave and determined and teams up with Han Solo to join the rebellion. That's pretty heroic, after all.

6 Carson Wells - No Country For Old Men (2007)

This crime drama is directed by the Coen brothers and follows a hunter (Josh Brolin) who stumbles across two million dollars after a drug deal gone wrong. With a dangerous man on his tail (Javier Bardem) and detectives trying to win him over, there's a lot of violence and chaos to take in here.

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Carson Wells is the hot-headed and honest detective that's been on the heels of the criminal for a long time. Woody Harrelson plays this role perfectly, and while this man is a detective, he's not exactly the hero of the story.

5 Willoughby - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

This Academy Award-winning crime drama stars Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson. After a teenage girl is murdered in a small town, the stubborn mother challenges the local authorities with serious grit to get them to solve it.

Woody Harrelson is the head of the police, and while his heart is in the right place, he's challenged to do more about the lost life. This movie is a must-see for all its stellar performances.

4 Ezra - Seven Pounds (2008)

Will Smith takes the leading role in this popular drama, in which he plays Ben, a man with a dark secret that chooses seven strangers, who he will help change their lives. Woody Harrelson is Ezra, a blind telemarketer with a heart of gold.

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This kind-hearted man becomes Ben's friend and he is an immaculate character with so much to give. While he isn't the star, Ezra is a heroic and lovable man.

3 Mr. Burner - The Edge Of Seventeen (2016)

This teen comedy-drama is a bit of a change for Harrelson, but it's certainly memorable and brilliant. Hailee Steinfeld stars, playing a high school student whose life is turned upside down when her best friend starts dating her brother.

Woody Harrelson is Mr. Bruner, a blunt and honest teacher that seems to be Nadine's only saving grace. This is a hilarious and lovable role, and honestly, he's pretty heroic to this young character.

2 Haymitch Abernathy - The Hunger Games (2012)

This classic dystopian teen drama stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, who play the two tributes from their district who will participate in The Hunger Games - in which 24 kids are chosen at random to fight to the death.

Haymitch (Woody Harrelson) is a previous victor, and now the drunk mentor of Katniss Everdeen. With much to learn and a lot of growth to be had, he ends up being the perfect mentor and savior of this duo.

1 Tallahassee - Zombieland (2009)

This zombie flick is the hilarious and satirical action-adventure that all fans of zombie flicks will absolutely adore. With Jesse Eisenberg as a shy and practical young man, Emma Stone as a fiery woman, and Woody Harrelson as a gun-toting hot-head, this group is full of laughs and awesomeness.

Tallahassee is as blunt and radical as they come, but it turns out he's actually pretty great at slaying zombies and protecting his friends. While not the most traditional hero out there, he's still pretty heroic.

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