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Wrong Turn: Every Actor Who Played Three-Finger | Screen Rant

Multiple actors have played lead villain Three-Finger in the Wrong Turn films, and here’s a full guide, beginning with Julian Richings.

Multiple actors have played lead villain Three-Finger in the Wrong Turn films, and here's a full guide, beginning with Julian Richings. Wrong Turn, which debuted in 2003, is one of the oddest horror franchises around, although actually far from the strangest. Its mere existence is pretty unlikely, as the first Wrong Turn was hardly a box office smash, finding its following on home video. Many horror fans also feel the sequels have gotten progressively worse, yet clearly keep coming back to watch the latest installment.

To be sure, Wrong Turn's premise was far from original. A group of young friends traveling through the forests of West Virginia find themselves on the wrong side of a family of mutated cannibals, who proceed to kill them off in gruesome ways before serving them up as the main course later. What made Wrong Turn memorable was its execution of that tried and true concept, offering effective scares, brutal kill scenes, and one of the better ensemble casts to ever appear in a film of this type.

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Also helping sell Wrong Turn was Three-Finger, the central antagonist and leader of the cannibal clan. He's the only character to appear in all six Wrong Turn films, but unlike most horror villains, the man behind this make-up is always changing.

Julian Richings originated the role of Three-Finger in the first Wrong Turn film. A consummate character actor, Richings boasts over 200 film and TV roles on his resume, mostly in Canadian productions. Richings played Death himself on Supernatural, recurred on Channel Zero season 3, and also recurred on Orphan Black, among dozens of other projects. Stuntman Jeff Scrutton took over as Three-Finger for Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, having previously done stunts in films like X2 and I, Robot.

Another stuntman, Borislav Iliev, played Three-Finger in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, and counts World War Z and The Expendables 2 on his resume. Two actors played Three-Finger in prequel Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings, Blane Cypurda as a child and stuntman Sean Skene as an adult. Skene also did stunts for TV shows like Arrow and Fear Itself. Borislav Iliev returned to the Three-Finger role for Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines. The final person to play Three-Finger so far, in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, was stuntman Radoslav Parvanov, who had actually portrayed Three-Finger's sibling One-Eye in Wrong Turn 5. A reboot of Wrong Turn is in the works, but it remains to be seen who will play Three-Finger, if he's ultimately included. Statistically though, it probably won't be someone who's played him before.

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