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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Will End These DCEU Characters’ Journeys

Justice League co-producer Deborah Snyder says the Snyder Cut version of the film will serve as the culmination of the DCEU heroes’ journeys.

Zack Snyder's Justice League will be the culmination of the characters' journeys thus far in the DCEU. After more than two years since its theatrical release, Snyder's original plan for the film will finally see the light of day. In cooperation with Warner Bros., the much-clamored cut will roll out via HBO Max.

With fans relentlessly campaigning for it since 2017, talks about Justice League's Snyder Cut in the last couple of years never really went away. Staunch supporters of the cause organized various projects to let their voices heard by Warner Bros. The petition's big breakthrough happened during the film's second-year anniversary, where big names who worked with Snyder in the project openly expressed their support for it. The studio finally took notice, resulting in them reaching out to the director about a potential work around the issue. Several months since then, the Snyder Cut is officially confirmed with a release date slated for 2021.

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Specifics for the project remain a mystery, but co-producer and Snyder's wife Deborah teased fans what to expect from Zack Snyder's Justice League. Talking to THR, she said that "this movie was the culmination of a hero’s journey that all these characters went on. And the idea was always to build them up to be the heroes people expected them to be."  The said version will feature unused narrative elements from the theatrical cut that the director has teased over the years, but there will also be new character development for the heroes. "What’s so lovely about this is that we get to explore these characters in ways that you’re not able to in a shorter theatrical version," she added.

The Snyders already reached out to the primary cast about potentially coming back to film new scenes for the upcoming Justice League project. No word yet what form it will take, the same report floated the idea that it might either be a 4-hour movie or a mini-series. Snyder personally pitched episodes that featured cliffhangers, so it's safe to say that if it's up to him, he wants a longer format for this new endeavor. That way, he's able to complete his vision for the film since chances of him coming back to the DCEU despite this are slim.

Due to the last-minute director switch between Snyder and Joss Whedon, the original plan for Justice League was substantially changed. A lot of narrative elements that Snyder wanted to incorporate was left in the cutting room floor, most notably Cyborg's (Ray Fisher) backstory. The character was tipped to be the heart of the story but was ultimately relegated to being a plot device. With Snyder revisiting the project and getting to bring the plan he intended to on the screen, fans are looking forward to a more complete story that would hopefully leave the heroes in a much better state to continue their journeys in the DCEU.

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Source: THR

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